Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Luxury Egypt Holidays

Egypt is the perfect luxury destination for the discerning traveller. With its exotic blend of Arabic culture, ancient history, stunning desert and coastline landscapes, it has something to impress and allure every visitor.
High-end accommodation can be found in abundance in Egypt with exclusive resorts catering to a sophisticated travel market providing luxury, comfort and style. 

There are a large number of boutique hotels offering visitors exotic suites and private pools. Large hotels such as the Jazz Mirabel or the Blue Reef Oasis Hotel provide 5 star accommodation and ideal locations on the shores of the Red Sea with private beach access within glamorous luxury compounds. 

Egypt benefits from almost year round sunshine and very little rainfall. Temperatures can be extremely warm in the day reaching as high as 43 degrees centigrade whilst dropping to 7 degrees at night in the deserts.  
Egypt is home to the oldest civilisation on earth dating back over 5,000 years. There are royal tombs to visit, ancient pyramids, and ancient treasures s all set within a landscape of golden deserts, colourful mountains, and the beautiful red sea.

Luxor, situated on the West Bank of the Nile, offers an attractive holiday location to thousands of holiday makers every year. The Sinai peninsula is home to many other luxury resorts including the The Grand Rotana Spa and Resort and the Hyatt Regency Sharm el Sheikh.


  1. Holiday in Egypt is really fantastic and fun specially traveling in red sea and desert. But we have to prepare and concern more travel tips for safe traveling

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  3. Oops that last comment went wrong, I was just goint to agree with travel guide that holidays in Egypt are a great way to spend the summertime

  4. I would like to visit Egypt to escape the winter here in the United States. I would like to visit the Pyramids.
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